A Reign of Dragons

Monk Boss vs Spell Boss

Who shall prevail?

The party awoke from a very bad dream to find themselves face-to-face with some rather nasty adversaries.
Aldric Blackmane fought a half blue dragon.
His unconscious foe was left in the room as it filled with acid after disturbing the treasures within.

Corella Mindonel learned that if you’re going to throw spells at the enemy, make sure they hit and down them before they can come for you.

Aelar Galanodel spoke with the kobolds, and then went looking for Spell Boss. She got hit a few times before we all figured out that she wanted to talk instead.

Mara Brightling ended up with a new “”/characters/frulam-mondath" class=“wiki-content-link”>girlfriend," who was turned over to Mara’s custody after a trial in Greenest.

The party headed north, to Elturel, the city of paladins. Despite the straight lines and grid pattern, Corella was still able to find a shortcut or two. Just don’t look up.

Seems the Harpers, and the Order of the Gauntlet are involved in something messy. The Cult of the Dragon have changed their pattern and are trying something sinister.

They want us to go to Baldur’s Gate and intercept the cult’s caravan. (Or was it infiltrate? I must admit, I wasn’t paying attention. – Corella)

Mara’s girlfriend disappeared while we were in Elturel.


Midnotion Wrazn

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